Monday, 7 May 2012

Colour The Woods

It is quite exciting to write my first proper blog post, but of course in a good way. These pictures were actually taken about two months ago when the idea of creating my own blog became reality.

My boyfriend – who is taking most of the pictures – and I were walking along the river. The trees still looked very sad and there was no bright colour anywhere. So I thought I will colour it up with a bright turquoise cashmere wrap and my new Chanel patchwork bag. I bought the bag a week before and I am so glad I did, as I first doubted whether it would be worth spending so much money on a bag that particular. My greatest fear was that it might not be easy to combine – but fortunately I was totally wrong. It was the best decision to buy it and it turns every outfit into something special. The bag even makes the most boring outfit look cool. What do you think? Do you love or hate it? I guess with this bag there is no in-between. It's like Marmite!

My Outfit:

Chanel Patchwork Bag - Maxi
Comme des Garçons
Rosa Cashmere
Wrap Cardigan
Fur Vest
Dior Vernis
Nail Polish Blue Denim

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