Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cotton Candy Business Chic

Yesterday I wanted to look sophisticated. So I chose to wear an outfit that you could also be wearing to a business meeting. Maybe with shorts less short ;-).
I chose to wear a Zara Blazer, which I think is so cute. Its colour lets me think of cotton candy. And it reminds me of the classic Chanel jackets which I think are so elegant and timeless. But unfortunately a little too expensive. I mixed up the blazer with a top in nearly the same colour with adorable applications from Northland and dark blue D&G shorts. And to complete the outfit I picked my pink Balenciaga bag. If you want the whole outfit to be less girlie and more chic I would suggest to chose a bag in black or dark blue. A light beige colour might be fine as well.

What do you think? Would you wear this to work?

My Outfit:

Balenciaga Giant 21 Velo Gold/Rosa Cyclamen
Gucci Suede Ankle Boots
Zara Blazer
Northland Top
D&G Shorts
Hermés Belt
Marjana Von Berlepsch Bracelet
 Thomas Sabo Ring
Chanel Le Vernis N° 513 Black Pearl

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