Sunday, 27 May 2012

Downtown Pocahontas

Happy Sunday to all my fabulous readers!!

How was your weekend so far? Don’t you just love the laziness Sunday brings?

Yesterday I was in a Pocahontas mood so I put on my ethno-style dress which I got last week at Zara. It was the last one so I felt pretty lucky. One bad thing about it though is that you literally just have to look at the pearl applications and they fall of. When I got up from my chair it was covered in little red and blue pearls. Not just with one or two. No, the seat was basically covered with them. At least you can't see the difference right away because of the pattern. So no worries. Actually I am looking forward to the time when all of them are gone, because it will make it much easier to sit. The pearls make you feel like sitting on sea salt. Not very comfortable I can tell you!! But that didn’t cross my mind when I fell in love with it in the shop.

I thought that my red Dior bag and Louis Vuitton ballet flats would fit the Pocahontas look amazingly, don't they? The red colour keeps the focus on the dress and accentuates the whole ethno style.
The Dior bag is such a beautiful bag. It was almost a bargain about three years ago during a summer sale. It really is a unique bag. The leather knots are sown on by hand. And there is something special about the stone on the flap. I just can't remember what it was. Do you know  by any chance?
Funnily it is not very airport-friendly, as everytime I have it in my hand luggage I get pulled out by security. The big metal applications on the strap must look like something dangerous on X-ray.

Anyway, I completed my outfit with a brown leather belt to underline the shape of the dress and a Zara jacket with leather arm (also in this post).

I almost feel like braiding my hair now….

My Pocahontas Outfit:

Dior Bag
Louis Vuitton Ballet Flats
Zara Jacket
Zara Dress
Right Hand: Chan Luu Bracelt
Left Hand: Chan Luu Feather Bracelet and Isar Pomp Bracelet
Reptile's House Leather Belt
Chanel Rouge Allure N° 80 Délicieuse
OPI Nail Polish in What's With The Cattitude?

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