Monday, 7 May 2012

Paris Mon Amour Day 1

For the Easter weekend my boyfriend and I went to Paris. It was my fourth time in the city of love and fashion and I hope to come back very soon.

"Le Pavillon des Lettres" and "Ralph's"

We stayed in a lovely hotel called "Le Pavillon des Lettres", which was located near Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré – close to Christian Louboutin ;-). On our first day for lunch we went to Ralph's, a restaurant located in the Ralph Lauren store, and we sat next to Charlotte Casiraghi - we are 90 percent sure that it was her. Sitting there felt like sitting in the living room of a royal manor in the countryside. I had the feeling that all guests could be from a Ralph Lauren ad. I thought it was very charming and sophisticated and yet cosy. The food was good, too. American with a hint of French. Unfortunately it was pretty cold outside and we couldn't sit in the lovely garden. Maybe next time.

My Outfit Choices with Blisters Prevention

To fight the chilly weather I decided to wear boots, a cashmere sweater and a leather jacket. For me it is very important to wear something comfortable when sightseeing. We walk everywhere and thus shoes really should to fit comfortably. I still often get blisters though. That's why I prepared my heels with anti-blister patches for my beloved Jimmy Choo boots (I got them on sale). This does the trick for me when I know that a shoe hurts me (some will always but are too beautiful not to wear and some have to be just worn in for a bit). I think the ones from Compeed last the longest. Et voilà – I can walk for miles and hours in my boots without any pain.

Veuve Clicquot Mania

On our first day in Paris we  saw like a million elder people carrying bright orange Veuve Clicquot boxes. I think they were filled with a bottle, a cooler and two glasses. What was that all about?? Any idea? Was it national Senior Veuve Cliquot day? Paris was literally full of them. It just shows that the French have good taste whatever their age.

Bearbricks for Fashion

Have you heard of Bearbricks? Plastic "bears" designed by famous artists and designers like KAWS, Fendi, Missoni etc. They are available in all different sizes. My boyfriend is crazy about them and sometimes I feel that he loves his bears more than me. Just kidding. But when we walked by this second hand shop and we saw this one even I was stunned. A Chanel Bearbrick. How amazing is that?! Sadly it was way too expensive. But isn't it cute?

My Paris Outfit:
Balenciaga Giant 21 Velo Silber Bag
Jimmy Choo Yard Suede Knee Boots
Steffen Schraut Scarve
Rosa Cashmere Cashmere Hoodie
1921 Jeans
Rouge Dior Lipstick in Tourbillon Pink (651)
Dior Vernis in Silver Pearl (604)

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