Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Paris Mon Amour Day 2

On our second day in Paris we did a little shopping and again a lot of walking. I was so looking forward to going to the Christian Louboutin boutiques and of course we had to queue in front of them for a while. Like every time in Paris. Luckily we went pretty early to the one in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and we could go inside pretty fast. When we passed the shop in the afternoon the queue was crazy long. I found one pair that I liked or let me say adore in my size. Will show them to you as soon as possible. But I don't have the right occassion for these beauties yet.

It was very windy that day and then hot and windy again and then again hot. I hate this kind of weather. It is like a constant dressing and undressing. But enough of the complaining. Now about my outfit choice. I chose coloured Jeans from the label 1921. They are so comfortable that I had to buy them in light blue as well. I am sure they will appear on the blog very soon. I was wearing a long cashmere cardigan so my hips won't get cold, when the wind decided to show up again. And my beloved Belstaff booties for all the walking. I get hot feet very easily. And the height is perfect so you won't feel like standing in a little oven. And the weather was predestinated for that.
I never leave the house without a scarve and this day I put on my Gucci one with fur applications. I got it for my last birthday (which was in October).

What are your favourite clothes that you like to wear on a day like this?

My Paris Outfit Day 2:

Chanel Shopper
Belstaff Booties
Belstaff Leather Jacket
Dear Cashmere Cashmere Cardigan
H&M Top
1921 Jeans
Rouge Dior Lipstick in Tourbillon Pink (651)
Dior Vernis in Silver Pearl (604)

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