Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Paris Mon Amour Day 3

Our plans for our third day in Paris were the same like on the days before. Eating, walking and a little bit of shopping. To be honest I haven't been in a museum in Paris since I was 11. The queues there are just too long and in my opinion the time is too precious to spend it standing in front of, for example, the Louvre. What is your opinion? Do you want to see the museums from the inside so much that you queue in front of them for hours or do you prefer walking around to get to know Paris?

My outfit might remind you of an onion. But the weather was again very unpredictable. First it was cold, then it got so hot I ran around just in my cardigan and then from one second to another it got chilly again. And it started to rain for a few minutes. So I was pretty happy with my choice of clothes. And that I brought my Burberry umbrella, which I have bought on the last net-a-porter summer sale. 1921 Jeans in dark blue (yes, I do really like this brand ;-) ), Converse, a black cashmere cardigan and a scarve from Steffen Schraut, a Muubaa leather jacket in dark cherry (in my opinion one of the best brands for leather jackets) and a fur vest from Oakwood were my choices for the day. And now to the bag: I really, really love this Balenciaga bag. It is the perfect one for a city trip. You can wear it over your arm during the day or evening, when you want it to look a bit more chic or you wear it with the long strap around the shoulder for a casual look. It leaves your hands free for shopping and it is just more comfortable to wear it like that. I am always afraid of thieves so I never let my bag out of sight. You can carry the Balenciaga bag in front of you so no one can cut your bag open from behind. All right, I confess. I am a bit paranoid when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Hello Kitty at Ladurée. Very cute.

We passed this market on our way to our lunch destination. If I lived in Paris I would go to this market really often. Everything looked so delicious.

For lunch we went to La Société and I had the same like the last time in Paris. I was dreaming about that dish ever since. Slightly smoked salmon sashimi. So delicious. And for starters we shared some spring rolls. I love how they are served in Paris. With romana lettuce and fresh mint to roll it in and then dip it into an asian sauce. So yummy! Is that just common in Paris or all around France?

My Paris Outfit Day 3:

Balenciaga Giant 21 Velo Silber
Converse Sneakers
Muubaa Leather Jacket
Oakwood Fur Vest
Steffen Schraut Cashmere Sweater
Steffen Schraut Scarve
1921 Jeans
Ray Ban Aviator
Burberry Dégradé Checked Umbrella
Rouge Dior Lipstick in Tourbillon Pink (651)
Dior Vernis in Silver Pearl (604)

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