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Review The Fabulous – Chan Luu Wrap Bracelets

Good Morning Beauties!!

It is time for my second 'Review The Fabulous' post. I hope you got some good ideas and advice from my last one.

This time I will review CHAN LUU Wrap Bracelets.
I was introduced to these beautiful bracelets around three years ago. And was charmed the second I put my eyes on them. I knew I had to have one. Well, by now I have more than just one. I didn't buy all by myself, but got a lot of them as a present. It is the perfect gift to wish for for a birthday, Christmas or Valentines Day, don't you agree?

The Facts:

Cord: Leather or Cotton Cord

Stones: Gold Plated Nuggets, Rose Gold Plated Nuggets, Silver Plated Nuggets, Swarovski Stones, Pearls and Semiprecious Stones

Lengths: Mostly 5 wraps, depending on the size of your wrist

The Variations:
It is incredible how many different colours, stone variations and styles Chan Luu is providing. I can't possible name all of them. To get an idea of how many breath taking wraps exist you probalby should check out the Chan Luu website (with an online shop). I enjoy looking at them and making imaginary shopping carts a lot.
I love that nearly all of them can be combined with each other. You can literally wrap your whole arms with them. The more you combine the better it looks. Apparently you can also wear them as a necklace. But to be honest I have never tried it.
Chan Luu isn't only designing wrap bracelets but also other styles. But this post is dedicated to the wraps.

The Quality:
 The leather is quite stiff but still flexible and perfect for its purpose. The stones and nuggets are mostly stringed together between two leather cords. In other variations they are braided within the cotton cords.
Out of all Chan Luu accessories I own I only had bad luck with two of them. One I bought in New York 2 1/2 years ago and wore it literally every day. One day the cotton thread ripped and now three stones are missing. Luckily I still have the missing pearls and probably can take off the others in order to string them back on the leather cords.
The thing that happend to the second one is that the leather just ripped after wearing it once. I think the leather was just purous. I bought it at net-a-porter and after telling them they apologized and took it back in an instant. They checked the faulty goods and I got my money back. With all my others I am more than satisfied. Like I mentioned before Chan Luu is using leather and cotton breads and a variation of different stones. Leather and cotton can rip – especially when a semiprecious stone is a little sharp on the edges. The materials are all pretty natural and therefore there is always a slight chance that they may break. But – depending on where you  bought it – you can ususally return it to get a refund or another one. And like I said before all of my others are totally fine and I for myself will continue to extend my collection.

My Verdict:
I honestly and truly can say that I absolutley love the fabulous Chan Luu wrap bracelets, as they are so pretty and combinable. It sounds as if I was designing them myself – I wish I did! They are great with casual and elegant outfits. The product range is amazing and therefore perfect for (nearly) every age. They also sell necklaces and bracelets for men.

While writing this post I got so excited that I created a list of my favourite Chan Luu bracelets at ShopStyle. I for myself have to resist as I have spent too much money lately and want to cut back a little. I hope I will be able to resist (I mean they are just to pretty). But I wish you all happy shopping or just happy looking at these precious accessories.

I would love to hear what you experienced with Chan Luu wrap bracelets or which one you would love to have the most!!

Lots of love and thank you for reading!!

Fish charm with champagne diamonds.

My bracelet with the missing stones. But if I arrange it the right way I can still wear it. It was so pretty. Really have to fix it some time soon.

It looks like a diamond is missing on the charm, but it is not.

I was wearing the blue Chan Luu wrap bracelet in this, this and this post. I really have the wear the others more often, too.

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