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Review The Fabulous – The CHANEL Bag

Dear Fashion Lovers,

I often find it difficult to decide wether to buy a certain fashion piece or not. It is particularly tricky when shopping online or when I have set my eyes on something expensive. That's why I would like to start sharing my opinion and experience with my accessories with you on a weekly basis. So from now on I will post a review every Wednesday about bags, shoes, jewellery etc.  I will try to point out all the aspects I think are important – but of course, this is a very personal opinion. But maybe it can help you make up your mind whether something is worth buying or not.

My first review is about (you won't be surprised....) – The CHANEL Bag.
The Facts
Age: 3 years
Height: 19 cm
Length: 30 cm
Width: 8 cm

Let's Talk about the Leather
The bag is a Maxi size – Jumbo is the biggest – and it is made of black caviar leather. Don't worry - there is nothing fishy about it, it simply means that the structure looks like caviar. That kind of leather makes the bag extremelly resilient due to the material and also because of the dark colour. Stains can easily be removed with a wet cloth. I once spilt a whole Filet-o-fish over it (believe me, my heart stopped for a second!) and it was no problem at all to remove the mayonnaise stains.
I wear the bag literally everytime I go out partying. And it still looks as good as new. I don't even store it properly in its dust bag (I know I should). No scratches or signs of usage. Sometimes I think it is indestructible. But I wouldn't dare pushing my luck...

Is It All About Colour?
This type of Chanel bag in this kind of leather is normally available in black and in beige (the two classic colours). I think the lighter version is much more delicate and looks "used" more easily. Especially when wearing dark clothes with it because they could rub off. I would be really carefully with denim and leather jackets or pants. But I do not have it in that colour so this is just a wild guess. With my black Chanel I don't have to worry about such things. But still -  I would loooove to call one in beige, creme or white my own one day.

Gold Or Silver
When I got my black one I opted for chains in silver instead of gold as I only wore silver jewellery at the time. In the meantime I've changed my mind and have become quite a golden girl. The good thing is: My Chanel looks great whatever the colour of my jewellery.

Not Without My 1000 Things
The Maxi size is very handy as it can accommodate a lot of stuff – like my beauty case, iPhone, wallet, keys, tissues and, of course, a scarve. Inside there are two pockets: One with a zipper and an open one. There is also an open compartment at the back of the bag which is just perfect for things you always need handy and otherwise seem to disappear in bag-nirvana – like parking or train tickets, some cash, coins, hairpins or maybe a phone. For safety reasons I usually keep mine inside the bag but on a day when the phone litereally doesn't stop rininging I tuck it in there.

Can You Handle It?
The bag isn't very heavy. It's about 850g. I tend to carry so many things with me though, that my bag "gains" one kilogramme. That's why I always get imprints of the chains on my shoulder - which looks quite funny, especially in summer when I am not wearing a sweater or cardigan. But I don't mind. After all I could make the bag lighter by leaving some stuff at home.
So Versatile
I like it when it's possible to carry a bag in different ways. This one can be worn over the shoulder or across it if you make one long chain out of the two double ones. I think the bag is extremely combinable. I prefer wearing it over the shoulder with the double chains as it is much more comfortable. For me it is quite painful wearing it across the shoulder for more than 10 minutes because of its weight.
The Chanel bag looks great with cool, edgy outfits, romantic or chic ones. So it is a real allrounder! It never steals an outfit's thunder but completes it instead.

My Verdict
The Chanel Maxi bag in black caviar is a robust, every-day companion that can last a lifetime and is pretty ageless. I wouldn't want to be without it. Chanel changed a few things about the maxi size though. For about two years now it is only available with an extra flap. Like the smaller sizes already had. That probably makes it a little heavier and more expensive. But I have the feeling that the prices at Chanel are rising constantly anyways.

Was this review helpful? Do you also have experiences with this bag (in black or in another colour)? I would be thrilled to hear your opinion!

I am wearing the bag in this and this post.

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