Saturday, 19 May 2012

Rocking Zebra

Finally the weather was clearing up again. Sometimes it was still a little breathy and chilly in the shadow but most of the day it was quite warm. I really do love my leather jackets but I was happy that I could have left them at home, because I didn't need them.

For this outfit I was wearing a wrap cardigan from Rosa Cashmere. I used a bangle to separate it in the front and tie it in the back. Underneath I was wearing a simple white Hanro camisole. The jeans I have bought a long time ago but never wore them. Do you also sometimes buy clothes or other things and you think it is a great idea at the moment but then somehow end up never wearing or using them? But also cannot give them away because you know (or hope) that one day you will do need them? Well, I know that very well and it has happend with this jeans. I really like them but just never wore them. But now it's the time of my distressed AG Adriano Goldschmied jeans and I would love wearing them all the time because they are very comfortable.

From time to time I like combining cool items to more feminin ones. Like with this outfit. The Belstaff booties and the trousers are more rocking and the cardigan and sunglasses more lady-like. And my Chanel bag is inbetween. It can look both - cool and chic. Depends on what you are wearing with it. In this case (at least in my opinion) it is the perfect linkage between rocking and lady-like.
Do you agree?

My Rocking Zebra Outfit:

Chanel Bag Maxi
Belstaff Booties
AG Adriano Goldschmied Jeans
Rosa Cashmere Wrap Cardigan
Hanro Camisole
Gucci Sunglasses
Guerlain Terracotta Moisturising Gloss tango (09) (from this post)
OPI Nail Polish in What's With The Cattitude?

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