Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Day After

A wonderful day to all my followers,

I'm still quite tired from this weekend. My friend startet her wedding marathon last Saturday by celebrating her civil wedding. The church wedding will be next Saturday and to round things up the newlyweeds will have a traditional breakfast the next morning. In Bavaria this means traditional clothes have to be worn. I actually like them a lot. For those who haven't worn dirndl (women's dress) or Lederhosen (men's pants), they look uncomfortable but are quite comfy and easy to style. I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures for you!

So after overcelebrating the wedding couple a bit on Friday, I was a little hungover on Saturday and choose to go more casual on my outfit. Starting with a pair of my favourite jeans I finished up my outfit with a wide sweater and a big scarf. I just LOVE big scarves cause they can easily be turned into a blanket. That's why a big fluffy scarf always has to be in my hand luggage when I'm travelling.

Outfit finished but not fabulous enough I decided to add a few accessories. You can basically turn every casual outfit into something special with accessories. My favourites are wrap bracelets. Even by just putting on one you have a great highlight on your wrist.

And  to make things perfect I picked out my Balenciaga bag to carry around all the stuff I always need to be close by. Being able to bring along an accessorie which is practical AND pretty….. I just love being a women.

What's your favourite accessorie for a casual Saturday? Let me know, I will have a lazy Sunday next weekend after the church wedding and the traditional breakfast, where I won't get out without drinking a few beer. ;-)

Wish you all a great and fabulous day! Oh and remember, always bring along a pair of big sunglasses when being a little hungover or tired even when the sun isn't shining, clouds can also seem pretty bright to your eyes.

My Outfit:

Balenciaga Bag (also in this post and here in pink)
Gucci Sunglasses
Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet
Jewelberry Bracelet
Friendly Hunting Cashmere/Silk Sweater
AG Adriano Goldschmied Jeans

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