Saturday, 9 June 2012

I Know What You Wore Last Summer

Today I am showing you for a change an outfit from last year. I want to go on vacation so badly that I have to feed from sun, beach and pool infused memories until it's holiday time for me again.

This day I wore a Rebecca Taylor silk dress, a waist belt and Jimmy Choo espadrilles. I like this look a lot, because it is a pretty simple one but with a great effect. All you need is a dress, a waist belt and shoes. And of course a bag, which I didn't take a picture with that day. In this, this, this and this post you can have a look at bags I would suggest to wear with it.

My outfit is literally out of season but I think it is still pretty en vouge for the upcoming summer, don't you think?

My Summer Outfit:

Jimmy Choo Polar Snake-Print Leather Espadrilles
Rebecca Taylor Silk Dress
Waist Belt

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