Friday, 29 June 2012

Make-up Of 'Vintage Missoni'

For my make-up in the 'Vintage Missoni' post I chose to use the following beauty products:

Eyes: For my eye make-up is used Bobbi Brown's "Desert Twilight Eye Palette" (had it shipped over from the UK). The colours are so amazing and I love having all the different colours to choose from and being able to mix and match them. For this eye make-up I first of all used my MAC eye shadow base (as in this post). Then I applied Bobbi's Twilight Pink on the upper eye lid. For the darker accents in the outer corner of the eye I mixed the Chocolate Mauve and Twilight of the palette.

Lips: I applied a generous amount of Clinique "Chubby Stick" in Woopin' Watermelon on my lips. I think it looks beautiful with the soft eye make-up. The great thing about Chubby Sticks is: They are so nourishing that you don't need to use a lipbalm.

Cheeks: As a blush I applied a little of the incredibly versatile Make Up Store Microshadow in Nox (used as eye shadow in this post) with my fingers. It leaves a soft glowing, golden and pink touch on my cheeks.

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