Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Review The Fabulous – Chanel Patchwork Bag

Today's 'Review The Fabulous' post is about the Chanel patchwork bag in a size maxi.

The Facts
Age: 3 Month (Spring-Summer 2012 Pre-Collection)
Height: ≈  20 cm
Length: 31 cm
Width: ≈  9 cm

Let's Talk about the Fabric
The bag is made of (as the name patchwork already indicates) many different kinds of fabric like incredible soft leather, patent leather, denim and more. And the inside of the purse is out of denim and black fabric. Have you seen the sweet pink leather heart only visible when opening the purse? Isn't that unbelievable cute?!
 For the last cruise collection Chanel already released a nearly identical bag with yellow as the main colour (have a look here) instead of blue like this year. I think both are extremely pretty but I prefer mine. The dark colours look stunning in summer but also during colder seasons. Of course I wouldn't mind possessing both. Okay, to be honest, I would love to ;-).

Not Without My Things
I bought the bag in a maxi size, which is perfect as it can accomodate a lot of things like my beauty case, iPhone, wallet, keys and a scarve (at least a very thin one). To tuck away a mobile phone and keys separately there are in the inside two pockets. One with a zipper and an open one.
So Versatile
With the adjustable brown leather and chain shoulder strap it is possible to wear the Chanel patchwork bag (like this and this one) in different ways, which I personally love. So it can be worn tucked under the arm with the double chains or if you make a long chain out of the two double ones you can wear it lower and therefore more casual.

My Verdict
The Chanel patchwork bag in a size maxi is the perfect eye-catcher as definitely not many will have this classic bag in that special fabric mix and colour. It really is something and different to the bags I am used to. After buying the purse I nearly regreted it as I thought it would be so hard to combine. But as it turns out it isn't. I love matching the Chanel to other patterns like flowers (in this and this post) or I use it as a highlight for simpler outfits (like here).
The fact that the colours are pretty dark makes the bag less delicate and so I dare to wear it with dark leather jackets (as in this post) and jeans, because I am not afraid they might rub off on my treasure. Luckily it never rained when taking the bag with me and I am not looking forward to the day when it will. Some of the leather stripes look as water drops may leave stains and I wouldn't like that to happen. But that's the only "negative" aspect in my opinion.

The bag is like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. So, what side are you on?

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