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Review The Fabulous – Miu Miu Studded Leather Shoulder Bag

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for a new 'Review The Fabulous' post. Today I am going to talk about a Miu Miu bag of mine. I got it for my last birthday and I was over the moon with joy. I checked out the bag at net-a-porter for so long, but didn't buy it. But is it really as great as I thought it would be? Stay tuned to find out.

Miu Miu Studded Leather Shoulder Bag

The Facts

Age: 8 Month
Height: 27 cm
Length: 35 cm
Width: 12 cm
Handle Drop: 26 cm
Weight (empty): 1,8 kg
Weight (with my stuff): 2,8 kg

 Let's Talk About It
 The bag is made of navy and grey leather. It gets streaks really easily as it is quite delicate. But I guess it is supposed to be that way and the goal is to get a nice pattern with all the irregularities sharp objects like finger nails and keys might leave on the bag. The colour reminds me for some reason of the 20s. And in order to live up to that it has to get that used, vintage look.

The Details
The bag has gold and silver studs, which are attached pretty strongly. Except for one silver stud, which is loose at one end. Have to get it to a shoe repairer ASAP in order to get it fixed. I am pretty confident that it won't be a big deal.
A cute keyfob is hanging down from the straps. Inside is a tiny key for the push-lock fastening front compartment which is Miu Miu stamped. The purse has an internal patch and zipped pockets and a zipped back compartment. It is fully lined with leather. The Miu Miu is an open bag but it has snap fastening tabs at the top. Normaly I don't like open bags because I am always afraid that someone will steal out of it (talked about my "issues" in this and that post). But this one has so many closable pockets that you can tuck your important stuff away and it will be out of reach for anyone except you. I mean you can also lock up the front pocket. Isn't that every paranoid woman's dream? ;-)

Not Without My 1000 Things
It is a pretty heavy bag – even when it is empty. Think about all the stuff you (or I) need to carry around and you can at least add another kg. And don't forget, the bigger the bag the more stuff you can tuck in. But honestly I don't mind carrying a heavy bag. I am used to it and don't even think about whether a bag is heavy or not when buying it. But for some of my friends the weight might be a dealbreaker.

So Versatile
The adjustable chain and brown leather shoulder straps have the same principle as the ones from the Chanel bag I talked about in this review post. You can wear the bag over the shoulder or across it. Just make one long chain out of the two double ones.

My Verdict
I am totally glad that I got this beautiful bag as a birthday present. It is for sure a keeper and I am certain that it gets even more beautiful with time. I am not a fan of one season bags (they are just too expensive). But luckily most styles and colours are wearable for a long time or they will be trendy again. Despite the one loose stud I would say it is a great bag and a real eyecatcher. Because of its colours this beauty is combinable to nearly every outfit. And to gold or silver accessories as it has studs in both colours.

You can check out the bag combined to an outfit in this and this post. 

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