Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review The Fabulous - Not A Perfume

In today's 'Review The Fabulous' post I am going to write about my favourite fragrance. So if you want to smell like me then please pay attention... Just kidding!!!!! It is quite an unusual perfume so expect the unexpected...
I said before that in the Wednesday's review posts I am going to write about fashion accessories. Well, aren't beauty products fashion accessories aswell?! So it might happen that cosmetic reviews might come up sometimes as well. You'll never know. So stay tuned.
Juliette Has A Gun – Not A Perfume

I can't remember when it happend exactly that this clean and chic looking perfume bottle replaced my usual fragrances. I was faithful to them for so many years – Yves Saint Laurent Cinéma in autumn and winter and Stella McCartney Stella in spring and summer. I still really like them and writing about them makes me kind of miss my scented companions a lot. But now there's a new small precious bottle in town.

What's So Special?

What does this perfume has what the others didn't? Well, it is made out of just one single element called Cetalox, which is normally the back note in perfumes. And this scent is also allergen free. I am not a person with lots of allergies, but that might be an interesting fact for those of you who are. At the Juliette Has A Gun homepage they state 'Not A Perfume' as elegant, minimalist and pure. I totally agree with that statement. But I also find the scent romantic and very lovely. Like a warm summer night.
What's The Impact?

Many (unfortunately too many) perfumes have this pungent smell that makes me want to instantly wash the person wearing it. Especially in small rooms, waiting rooms and elevators I could get insane. Some scents just make me nauseous. All right, I am kind of special when it comes to smells. They are somehow much stronger in my nose and I feel a little sick because of some a little too easy. But not always. Yes, that is kind of strange. And no, I am not pregnant or a hunting dog. But don't get  me wrong. I love perfumes. Like the ones I used before and many others. But 'Not A Perfume' is different. It is never too much. Right for every occasion. And it somehow never makes me nauseous. Never. It is not that strong and present as many others. I mean you do smell it very clearly and many people have asked me what scent I am wearing that makes me smell so good!! Not that I smell bad without it. You know what I mean. But it is just so subtle.

My Verdict

I for sure will kepp on buying many more Juliette Has A Gun 'Not A Perfume' bottles. I hope that they will produce it forever or if not they should let me know well in advance so I can stock up for life.

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