Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pool Party

Hello darlings!! How was your weekend so far?

With all the holidays and hot days coming up, there is the chance of an increasing amount of pool or beach party invitations. So I thought about an outfit that can be worn in a casual or elegant glamourous way. I opted for this dress with its beautiful print. Even though it is made of polyester it almost looks like silk in my opinion. I wore it with Giuseppe Zanotti suede sandals but when you need it to be more laid back it will look just as great with flats (like the ones in this post). And the make up I chose for this outfit is the same as in that post.

What's your favourite look for a beach or pool party?

Before I forget: Stay tuned. This dress hasn't had its show down yet.

My Pool Party Outfit:

Glamorous Dress (bought at Asos)
Giuseppe Zanotti Eyelet Detailed Suede Sandals (bought them at the net-a-porter sale)
Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

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