Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Review The Fabulous – Clarins 3-Dot Liner

Hello honeys!!

Today's "Review The Fabulous" post is about the Clarins 3-Dot Liner (limited collector's edition), which is part of the Clarins Autumn Look 2012 that launches in August

When I first heard about it I was so curious and excited. Finally an eye liner you don't need a steady hand or lots of experience for. It sounds to good to be true, right? That's what I thought first, but the 3-Dot Liner is more supposed to create a fuller looking lash line. Confused, yet? Yes, I was, too. So, luckily I got the chance to try the liner before it launches in August to write a little preview review for you and tell you if I think it is worth waiting for.

How To Handle It
The Clarins 3-Dot Liner lets your lashes appear fuller and therefore you can create a more intense and sexy look. Just lightly dab the spongy liner between your lashes or at least very, very close to their roots. Afterwards you can connect the dots if you want to, by going over it with the liner again. If you wish for a more dramatic look you can use it as a regular eye liner, too. So a real all rounder ;).

My Verdict:
The 3-Dot Liner is simply amazing. It is long lasting and very easy to handle. The liner gives you a gorgeous and fuller looking lash line that will charm everyone around you. And if you want to upgrade the thin line to an intense and bigger one, just add a few more layers until you reach the effect you wish for. Sweeties, I can honestly recommend this handy tool to you!!

I am showing you the instructions on a drawing, as I thought it would be easier to point out how the 3-Dot Liner works.
On the sketch I also used the Clarins Ombre Minérale eye shadows in Lavender Tea and Aubergine, which are from the Autumn Look 2012, too. But I will dedicate a separate post to them soon, so stay tuned.

A big, big thank you to Clarins for sending me this amazing products.


The winner of the LICHTJUWEL giveaway will be announced on the Love The Fabulous fan page today.

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