Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Review The Fabulous – The Missoni Triangle Bikini

 The vacations are planned, the trips to lakes and swimming pools inevitable. There's just one thing missing: The perfect bikini.

Today's "Review The Fabulous" post is about one of my favourite beachwear items – The Missoni Victoria Crochet-Knit Triangle Bikini.

  The Fabric
The multicoloured and for Missoni known zigzag pattern of this bikini is made of 88% viscose, 8% rayon and 4% polyester. To get the best out of the Missoni beachwear (at least the one of this fabric) you are advised not to wear it in a swimming pool (because of the chlorine), the sea (because of salt water) or when sunbathing (because the colour may fade). Well, it is a bikini after all, isn't it?! So I, of course, did swim with it in the pool (not that often) and I exposed it to sunlight and they still look the same. Well, I wouldn't recommend wearing them all the time under these circumstances as every bikini's colour (no matter what fabric) will fade and won't look that pretty anymore. I do rinse mine under water after every swim and I let it dry flat.

The Fit
It definitley runs small and I have to buy an Italian size 44 as I don't like the bottoms to fit too low and the triangle top to just cover my nipples. Just try the size you're normally wearing and the bigger one and then decide what's best for you. They all run pretty much the same (small) and once you know your size in a Missoni bikini it probably will be the same with every one of them. I am comfortable with the bigger size. In this size I think the fit looks great.

My Verdict
The Missoni bikinis are for sure not the cheapest but they are a real eye-catcher and if you treat them well they'll last a long time. I normally try to buy them on sale but sometimes I just can't resist because I am stunned by the amazing colours they always come up with for their trademark zigzag pattern.

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