Sunday, 1 July 2012

Stay Cool, Jump Into The Pool

Sweeties, I told you that this dress hasn't had its showdown yet. Well, here it comes.

As pool and beach parties might get out of control – due to the heat or one too many cocktails – being thrown into the water or jumping in on purpose should be reckoned with. You still want to look hotter than hot no matter what! Thus you should think about a few things when choosing your perfect pool party outfit: 
1. The fabric shouldn't get destroyed by chlorine or salt water (Beware "Dry Clean Only" dresses!). 
2. It shouldn't turn transparent (Unless you want to have a wet t-shirt-contest-feeling). 
3. It should dry fast. You don't want to be freezing your pants off!
4. You probably don't want to look like a "wet dog" when getting out of the water as some clothes lose their shape in an unfortunate way and are likely to just hang and cling unflattering to your body. 
With this dress I can say: Check, check, check and check. Approved as a pool or beach party outfit that is allowed to get wet. Actually it SHOULD get wet as it looks so cool!
All you have to sort out now is your waterproof make-up ;-)

Outfit description in this post and make-up here.

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