Monday, 2 July 2012

Tiger Safari

Good morning you beauty queens (and kings)!

Recently I bought this silk blouse and jeans short at Zara in Portugal (It's much cheaper here than it is in Germany!). I thought this outfit would be perfect for the location as both made me think of safaris in Africa. Well, it would be a fashionable but not very appropriate attire for a real safari. I was in a wild mood though, so I decided to add a fierce red lipstick. I'll give you more details about the make-up later in the afternoon...

As for the accessories I chose ones with golden details: My new Valentino bag (recently purchased at Theresa), Chan Luu bracelets, an Ettika bracelet and a tiger cuff (No, those aren't diamonds!). And I opted for flat Apepazza sandals. With their big gems they look great to casual and glamourous outfits. I love them, but unfortunately the stiches around the stones break all the time. I had them repaired three times already, but it only lasted a few days. Now I gave up. The gemstones don't fall of and that's the important thing.

When you read this you might think I am a little nuts (or you totally understand): This morning I got up at 6:30 a.m. (and I am on holiday!) as I assumed that net-a-porter is having further reductions (and they did). So I checked all the items I wanted for an additional sale discount. Unfortunately, the things I wanted weren't reduced enough for my liking. So I didn't buy anything. Like I told you I have to fight the urge to buy things I don't really like just because they are like 50-70% off. Today I did.

Do you also get the feeling that the winter sale was much better with much lower prices?

My Tiger Safari Outfit:

Zara Silk Blouse With Tiger Print
Zara Jeans Shorts
Valentino Studded Bag
Apepazza Sandals
Chan Luu Bracelets
Tiger Cuff

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