Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bobbi Brown – Creamy Color For Lips & Cheeks

Hey honeys!

I want to show you the Bobbi Brown Creamy Color for Lips & Cheeks in Honeyed Tea (limited edition). It is part of the Desert Twilight collection and retails at 20,00 € in Germany for 7 ml.

First of all I have applied the Bobbi Brown 2 in 1 product roughly around my cheeks. Afterwards I tapped it in with two fingers until I got the soft effect I wished for. I then used it on my lips, which really is as easy as using any other lip colour.
As the name already indicates the texture is very creamy. The shade Honeyed Tea in my opinion is of a brownish caramel colour and non-scented. It looks terrific on both – tanned and pale skin. Used on a tanned one it accentuates it even more and on a pale one it makes your cheeks appear sun kissed. So why bothering lying in the sun, right? ;)

I have always been a big fan of lips & cheeks products and Bobbi's Creamy Color for Lips & Cheeks is really nice and easy to use. It is so practical for a day at the beach, as you can use it perfectly over your sun lotion in order to give yourself glowing cheeks, when having a bite to eat or some cocktails. But you can also use it perfectly above your make-up and anytime when you want to freshen up your blush and lip colour – all year round. Normally, you shouldn't use a cream blush above powder, but I tried it with this one and I got a really nice effect. If you don't like your cheeks to look a bit glossy you can just use it before adding your facial powder or you can add a little powder above Bobbi's Creamy Color afterwards in order to mat it.

All in all I am really convinced of this product and it will remain in my beauty case.

Thanks to Bobbi Brown Germany for sending me this product.

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