Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Capri Boat Ride

Hey darlings!!

Today, I am going to show you the pictures of a boat ride we went on during our Capri vacation. I can't tell you enough how beautiful the sea was. Crystal clear, blue and not too warm, but not too cold either. Just perfect!! Normally, I am not going into the sea very often, as I am a little afraid of sharks, jellyfishes and so on (I know that's a bit stupid, but I just can't help it). But this time I couldn't resist. As I said, the water was just so delightful and I couldn't stay on the boat anyways as I get sea sick pretty easy when it isn't moving ;)

It was such a great trip and we went into the Blue Grotto. You can enter it in small boats through a tiny hole and inside the water is just so amazingly blue and it looks like it's being lighted by spotlights. But the sunlight is creating this beautiful effect! It is quite expensive to get into the Blue Grotto and you are only inside for about 5 minutes. But the atmosphere is really breathtaking.

I have found this video on YouTube and I think it will give you a pretty good impression of the Blue Grotto.

In the evening I was sitting on the bed and had the feeling that I am still moving. So I asked my boyfriend if I am just imagining it. But he said: "No honey, you really are moving back and forth a little." I am glad no one else saw that ;)

I wore the Missoni Vintage Dress of this post.

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