Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Furry Summer

Hey cutie-pies ;)!!

How was your week so far?

Last weekend it felt like autumn already. It was pretty cold in Germany and I started to have cravings for cinnamon dishes, chai tea, pumpkins, English pies and autumn clothes. Every year there is a point for me at which I am fed up with summer clothes and I am starting to really looking forward to the cozy season. But I am still happy that the sun is shining again and that we can look forward to a few (hopefully a bit more) sunny days.

For my autumn warm-up I wore some Current Elliott jeans, a Zara blouse with flower print, an Oakwood fur vest (IN AUGUST), my jumbo patent leather Chanel bag and Bally ballet flats, which I bought like three or four years ago.

My Furry Summer Outfit:

Current Elliott Jeans
Oakwood Fur Vest (also in this and this post)
Chanel Patent Leather Jumbo Bag (also here)
Bally Ballet Flats
Zara Flower Blouse

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