Thursday, 23 August 2012

Iced Matcha Latte

Hey sunshines!!

I have recently talked about my cravings for Matcha Tea on my Facebook page. I have never had it before but somehow really wanted to try it. It is said to be extremely healthy and is supposed to work as a calorie burner, detox deluxe and energy booster.
I am not sure whether to believe everything as nearly every year a "wonder" drink or food pops up. We had the Goji Berries, Açaí, Noni and so on. I am sure that every one of them really is healthy, but a "miracle" food or drink? I don't know. On the other hand there is no harm in trying and believing and as long as something tastes good, why not?!

You can buy many different qualities of Matcha Tea and the better it is, the more expensive it gets. I started with a "quite cheap" one – 20,00 € for 40g. In order to prepare your tea you also need a bowl, a whisk and a special spoon. I just bought a Matcha Whisk (for 14,00 €) as it is important for the preparation, but I am using a normal bowl and a tea spoon for the measurement.

How To Prepare Matcha Tea
Boil water and let it cool down to 60 - 70 °C. Then pour it into a bowl, add like half of a tea spoon of the Matcha Powder and whisk it. Now it is ready to drink. If you like you can also add a bit of cold or warm milk (normal, soy, almond etc.) to have a Matcha Latte. By the way, I don't like to drink my tea out of a soup bowl, so instead I am pouring it into a tea mug or glass.

Iced Matcha Latte
Prepare the tea as described above and let it cool down. Then pour it into a glass and add cold milk. I made some ice cubes of Matcha Tea, as I find the normal ones are watering the taste. If you like your drink sweet I advice you to add some agave syrup or honey.

Have you tried Matcha Tea, yet? And did you like it? First I thought I only like it without milk, but now I enjoy drinking it with and without equally.

For more information on Matcha Tea check this site.

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