Friday, 24 August 2012

Lancôme Midnight Roses

Hello darlings!!

A few weeks ago, when I received the information about the Lancôme Midnight Roses Collection (Autumn Look 2012 from Mey and Lancôme), I instantly fell in love with it. It is inspired by Parisian nights and created to be feminine and elegant. And oh boy, it is!!

There is almost never a collection I would love to have every single piece in every available colour of – Except for this one. Of course one of the reasons is that every shade is somehow a little similar as the main colour theme of the Autumn Look is purpure, which is a colour I really like. So, lucky me ;)

The Midnight Collection contains a Blush Highlighter, Lipsticks, a Crème de Mat and nail polishes. I wrote about the matting top coat a few weeks ago in this post. And now I am telling you more about the products I received:

Blush Highlighter
The Blush Highlighter, with its gorgeous Lancôme rose relief, has a soft texture and leaves a lovely touch of pearly shimmer on your skin. There are many ways of how to use it. For once Lancôme advises to add a bit of the Blush Highlighter in the middle of your lips, to create a contrast between the mat of the lipsticks and the shiny of the highlighter. I tried it and it looked great. But don't use too much as you might end up looking like Padmé Amidala in Star Wars. Except that she had white lips with a touch of red in the middle of her lips ;)
Anyways, I used the Highlighter as an eye shadow and I really liked the effect (applied an eye shadow base first). But it also looks great when used on your brow bones or on the inner corner of your eyes.

L'Absolu Crème de Mat
The Lancôme L'Absolu Crème de Mat is available in Magie Pourpre, Potion d'Amour and Prune Elixir. The special thing about this one it that it is creamy like a gloss with the coverage of a lipstick. After applying it with the soft applicator your lips look amazingly velvety.

L'Absolu Rouge Mat
The L'Absolu Rouge Mat has a mat texture, which leaves an intensive colour on your lips. I find the lipstick to be more velvety and not of a strong mat the way other mat lipsticks are. But that's totally fine as I often have the feeling that other mat lip products are a little drying. And this one definitely feels amazing and soft on my lips.

So, what do you think?

Lancôme Blush Highlighter – Retails at around 49,00 € (in Germany)
Blush Highlighter used as eye shadow (with a grey eye liner)
Lancôme L'Absolu Crème de Mat in Magie Pourpre – Retails at around 29,50 € (in Germany)
L'Absolu Crème de Mat in Magie Pourpre on my lips
Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Mat in Rose Aphrodisia – Retails at around 29,95 € (in Germany)
Lancôme L'Absolu Rouge Mat in Rose Aphrodisia on my lips

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