Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Review The Fabulous – Clarins Ombre Minérale Eye Shadows

Today's "Review The Fabulous" post is about the Clarins Ombre Minérale Wet & Dry Eye Shadows. They are part of the Clarins Autumn Look 2012, which launched in August 2012 and one retails around 19,00 € in Germany.
The eye shadows are made of a mineral cocktail from powder and pigments, which goal it is to provide long-lasting colour. Plus the included seabuckthorn oil gives it an antioxidative effect.

Have you checked the new available colours, yet? I think they are so beautiful, but I am happy about the ones I got as I can combine this shades perfectly. Lavender Tea and Aubergine are like made for each other. With them you can create some gorgeous purple smokey eyes or just a light and decent day-to-day look.

The great thing is that you can get three different effects with every single eye shadow. Use it dry for a soft look or use it wet for a covering, intense look. But if you use an eye shadow base first, you get nearly the same effect of the wet one by using the dry shadow.

My Verdict:
I really like the Ombre Minérale Wet & Dry Eye Shadows and their smooth texture. They are available in so many beautiful colours and I love the various effects you can get, when using them dry, wet or with a base. If you intent to use them wet, hold the applicator under water for a few seconds until it really is wet, otherwise it won't work. But don't forget to let the shadows and the make-up sponge dry with an open lid after using them. You don't want them to get musty.
To be honest I prefer using them dry with an eye shadow base. I think it's the most uncomplicated way and I like the effect the most.

I would love to hear your opinion and what effect you like the most!!

Ombre Minérale in 12 Aubergine
Ombre Minérale in 09 Lavender Tea
Both colours: Dry with Eye Base
Both colours: Dry with Eye Base
Both colours: Dry with Eye Base
Both colours: Wet
Both colours: Wet

From the top: 09 Lavender Tea Dry with Eye Base, 12 Aubergine Dry with Eye Base
09 Lavender Tea Dry, 12 Aubergine Dry
09 Lanveder Tea Wet, 12 Aubergine Wet
A big thank you to Clarins Germany for sending me this lovely eye shadows!

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