Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review The Fabulous – Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote

This Wednesday's "Review The Fabulous" post is about the Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote (size Medium) in Grey. It is part of the Galleria Capsule Collection, which is named after Prada's first store.

The Facts:
Height: 26 cm
Length: 34 cm
 Width (with closed side snap closure): 5 cm
Width (with open side snap closure): 12 cm
Weight (empty): 980 gr

The Bag:
The Tote has gold-plated hardware and is double handled. The main body of the bag is open, which I normally don't like but because it has two huge outside pockets with zippers I don't mind this fact as you can tuck away your precious things like wallet, camera etc. in those. To be honest I think it is kind of practical that is has an open space as it makes this bag perfect for travelling and city tours as you can nicely put a scarf, a book, a cosmetic case and so on in it and you don't have to open and close zippers all the time in order to reach these things. Especially, when handling a hot coffee in the one hand and shopping bags in the other ;).
The tote also has four inside pockets of which one is closable with a zipper (ideal for keys, mobile phone etc.). The bag has a Prada Logo lining, which appears to be quite robust. We will see if that is true as I haven't used it so many times, yet.
The Leather:
 This beautiful and classic bag is made of Saffiano Calf Leather. It is an extremely resistant and elegant leather and it is said that Mario Prada invented this kind of leather himself. Characteristic for it are the diagonal lines. (Source: here)

My Verdict:
This bag is named to be the new It Bag and celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Karolina Kurkova and Selena Gomez seem to be already all over it. But that's not the reason I like the Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote so much. I do because the bag appears to be robust (and as you might know from this post that's something I really like) and very practical and lets me take a lot of things with me as it is quite big. But watch out: If you fill it with too many stuff it might get too heavy for carrying around your arm. That's one of the reasons why I intend to get a separate strap for carrying the tote around my shoulder. And because I like bags I can wear in different ways.

Sweeties, somehow the bag reminds me a little of the Hermès Birkin bag. You, too?

I wore the bag in this and this post.

To put away your keys, which I would never carry around this openly.

You can find the Prada Saffiano Calf Leather Tote in grey and other colours and sizes here. I think in Bordo it looks just so amazing!! Don't you think?

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