Saturday, 11 August 2012

Saturday Shopping

Hey cuties!!

Today, I went into the city with no intention of buying anything. I just wanted to grab something to eat, go to Nespresso and then back home. But while looking at shop windows I suddenly saw the two pair of shoes I was looking all over the Internet for the past weeks and I just couldn't put my hands on them in my shoe size. So I went into the shop (nearly without hope that they would) and imagine how happy I was when they had both pairs in my size. I had to buy them, right? It was destiny ;)

Those who follow me on Facebook (if you don't, you can do it here) already know that I bought the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers in Silver a few weeks ago, but had to send them back as they made me look like a cast member of the musical Starlight Express (some of you left this comparison in the comment section ;) ). And to be honest, I fancied the black ones most from the start on anyways. Well, I wouldn't mind having them in red and blue, too.

Now to the booties. Lately, I am totally crazy about the kind of boots like the ones I bought today. I think this kind of ankle boots is one this autumn's must-have. Do you agree?

So sweeties, what do you say about my latest purchases?

Bought these lovely shoes here.

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