Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sunny Rolling Stones

Hey sunshines!!

What a lovely day!! At least in Bavaria, Germany. Luckily the summer isn't over yet and so I had to put my autumn food and clothes cravings aside and concentrate on light, fresh food and breezy clothes again. But somehow I already started to look forward to the next season. 

Yesterday afternoon, I went into the city and therefore I chose a very casual outfit. Just simple denim shorts, a knotted t-shirt and flat sandals. And of course some bracelets.

You know what I love about bags like Chanel, Balenciaga, Miu Miu and so on? Besides the great shapes, colours, fabrics etc. there is another reason I am addicted to them. Because no matter how casual your outfit is, a bag of this kind always lets your look appear more fancy. At least in my opinion. I really would love to hear yours about it!!

My Sunny Rolling Stones Outfit:

Chanel Patent Leather Jumbo Bag
H&M Rolling Stones T-Shirt
Hanro Camisole
Zara Denim Shorts
Apepazza Flat Sandals (also in this, this and this post)
Ettika Wrap Bracelet (left hand)
Chan Luu Bracelet (right hand) (also in this post)
Jimmy Choo Sunglasses

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