Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Benefit – Peek A Bright Eyes

Hey sweeties!!

I am a huge Benefit fan, but who isn't, right? The names of the products, the quality, the colours etc. in my eyes are just amazing and so special! Already talked about confessions of a concealaholic, CORALista and the full-finish lipstick in lady's choice in previous posts. Recently, I received the new eyeshadow palette from Benefit (thank you!!!!!) – peek-a-bright eyes, which is meant to be a real eye opener.

From left to right in the product picture below: In the kit you have the Benefit eye bright, a base shadow, a contour shadow, a highlight shadow, a concealer brush and a contour and liner brush.

The instructions advise to first apply the base shadow with the contour brush over your entire eyelid. Then use the same side of the brush for the chocolate contour shadow. Switch the sides and now use the liner brush to apply a line on the upper and lower lash line with the same eye shadow. Afterwards pat the pearly, pinkish highlight shadow on the center of your eyelid again using the contour brush. And to finish your eye make-up (before using mascara) dab the soft pink eye bright on the inner and outer corner of your eyes with the concealer brush and blend it afterwards.

When buying this amazing beauty kit you also get a full instruction leaflet with pictures and extra tricks for using peek-a-bright eyes. I tried it already, but didn't get the chance to take pictures of the result. Will do that anytime soon. I really liked the effect and got an eye make-up that made me look fresh and awake, even as I was pretty tired. This palette is definitely Love The Fabulous material and will stay in my beauty case until it is used up ;)

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