Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bobbi Brown Uber Collection

Hey sweeties!!

Recently, I received some products from the Bobbi Brown Urban Collection, which is inspired by Bobbi Brown's 7th book "Pretty Powerful Beauty Stories". The collection offers a range of colours for every women to upgrade your look from pretty to pretty powerful – day and night. The Urban Collection is divided into four colour schemes, each with an Eye Shadow, Sparkle Eye Shadow, Blush, Rich Lip Colour and High Shimmer Lip Gloss. 

 Rich Lip Colour in Uber Pink
This lipstick has an amazing soft texture and leaves your lips protected with SPF 12. It is nearly scentless, but if you try really hard you can smell a hint of vanilla. The Rich Lip Colour is quite long lasting and feels so good and silky on your lips. I am convinced ;)

Blush in Pink Rose
The blush with its silky texture gives your cheek bones a soft touch of pink. Perfect for pale skin during winter time to make your skin look fresh. Like after a long winter walk or after blushing from a compliment or first kiss ;)

Sparkle Eye Shadow in Cement
This eye shadow is perfect to upgrade your daily look to a proper evening one. The sparkling eye shadow gives your eye lids a diva and disco like look and is therefore the perfect companion when you don't know how the evening ends. It also looks great without a coloured eye shadow underneath, but I would advise you to use an eye shadow base. Makes it more long lasting and lets it sparkle even more.

Rich Lip Colour in Uber Pink retails in Germany around 24,50 €

Blush in Pink Rose retails in Germany around 26,50 €
Sparkle Eye Shadow in Cement retails in Germany around 31,00 €
From the top: Sparkle Eye Shadow, Blush and Rich Lip Colour
Used the Rich Lip Colour for the look in this post .

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