Monday, 17 December 2012

Grünten Mode – What to wear before you make LOVE

Hey sweeties!!

After so many beauty posts it's time for a fashion related one. So today I am presenting you the young label of a talented young designer – Grünten Mode!!

"Clothes to wear before you make LOVE” is the name of the current fall winter collection of Sara, the creative head behind Grünten Mode. It's all about the sixties and its pop culture. For her fifth collection Sara is representing her own models in a psychodelic photo shoot. Everything is designed and produced in Germany on a lovely farm. So basically you are buying clothes nurtured by nature ;)

For more details and the online shop check out

Grünten Mode is also represented on Facebook.

Here are some of my favourite pieces of the collection. Which ones are yours?

By the way: If you have no idea what to wear on New Years Eve yet I would recommend getting your hands on a piece of this extravagant collection with reasonable prieces!!


Hello Stranger

Park Dress

Press the Silver Buttons

Purple Walk

Touch my Blue

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Benefit – CABANA glama

 Hey sweeties!!

Are you enjoying the Christmas time? I think it's such a magic time, but of course also a cold one. And to create some warm feelings I am going to show you a beauty kit that's full of holiday feelings – Benefit's CABANA glama (it's also a nice Christmas present for a loved one or yourself).

Most of you probably know that I am totally in love with most Benefit products and this beauty kit is no exception. It is practical when going on a trip as you don't need thousands of beauty products as you have this amazing palette. And the colours are in perfect harmony to each other and there is no risk (no matter how you mix and match the shades) that your makeup might end up looking like you want to perform on a night show ;)

The eyeshadows are heavenly creamy and therefore amazing to apply. Nevertheless, I would advice you (as always) to use an eyeshadow base before. They will last much longer that way.

Posietint with its quite scentless, liquid-gel formula leaves a pinkish touch on your lips and cheeks that will last quite a while.

The blush HOOLA and Some Kind-A Gorgeous Medium foundation faker will have to wait to be used as I am as pale as the snow at the moment and it would just look odd on me right now ;)

My Verdict: As most Benefit products this beauty kit is also "Love The Fabulous" material.

From left to right: Eyeshadows (Peach Fizz, Bronze Buzz, Cocoa Pizzazz), Posietint, HOOLA, Some Kind-A Gorgeous Medium

A lovely thank you to Benefit Germany for sending me this product!!

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