Saturday, 30 June 2012

Missoni At The Beach

For our walk on the beach I chose to wear a Missoni dress and my favourite Gucci Sunglasses. I love Missoni dresses, as they always look stunning because of their gorgeous, unique prints. Don't you agree?

Friday, 29 June 2012

Make-up Of 'Vintage Missoni'

For my make-up in the 'Vintage Missoni' post I chose to use the following beauty products:

Eyes: For my eye make-up is used Bobbi Brown's "Desert Twilight Eye Palette" (had it shipped over from the UK). The colours are so amazing and I love having all the different colours to choose from and being able to mix and match them. For this eye make-up I first of all used my MAC eye shadow base (as in this post). Then I applied Bobbi's Twilight Pink on the upper eye lid. For the darker accents in the outer corner of the eye I mixed the Chocolate Mauve and Twilight of the palette.

Lips: I applied a generous amount of Clinique "Chubby Stick" in Woopin' Watermelon on my lips. I think it looks beautiful with the soft eye make-up. The great thing about Chubby Sticks is: They are so nourishing that you don't need to use a lipbalm.

Cheeks: As a blush I applied a little of the incredibly versatile Make Up Store Microshadow in Nox (used as eye shadow in this post) with my fingers. It leaves a soft glowing, golden and pink touch on my cheeks.

Vintage Missoni

In today's outfit post I am wearing a vintage Missoni dress, bought in a second hand shop in Munich. I mixed it up with a H&M maybug necklace and Dolce & Gabbana wedges. I think it's just made for wearing it to a lunch or cocktails at the beach. Or just on top of a bikini during the day. This time I actually went without bracelets as the print of the dress is so unique itself and I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit simple. But I am pretty sure it will look marvelous with lots of wrap bracelets and bangles.

Stay tuned if you're interested in make-up. I will post about that this afternoon.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tropical Feeling

Hello sunshines!!

Yesterday I already showed you the make-up of today's post. And now I present you the whole look ;-).

I absolutely love this Alice + Olivia dress which I bought two years ago. With its bold prints and neon colours it's still a real eye catcher and pretty en vouge. And it makes a slim figure, which is always good, and is really comfortable and breezy and therefore perfect for hot summer days. I piled my arms high with Chan Luu bracelets and an Isar Pomp one. To finish my arm accessories I put on a Marjana von Berlepsch ring. With a maxi dress like this I like to wear flat sandals as it gives to whole outfit a hippie feeling. Here you can find the products I used for my make-up.

Have you already noticed that I have a new header? What you think about it?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Make-up Of Tomorrow's Post

Good afternoon beauties!

I wanted to show you the make-up I am wearing in tomorrow's post, before going back to working on my summer tan ;-).

Lips: Soft and creamy feeling, sweet smelling Guerlain Terracotta Moisturising Gloss in N° 9 Tango (little review here). Such an amazing colour for summer.

Eye Lids: MAC Emanuel Ungaro Cream Colour Base in Fresh Morning (limited edition) is in my opinion one of the best eye shadow bases to keep colour in place when it's hot and sweaty. On top of it I applied the Make Up Store Microshadow in Nox which is fabulously iridescent. From one angle it looks golden and from the other it looks pinkish. Perfect for the summer sun.

Eye Lashes: Kiehl's Marvelous Mineral Mascara in Black gives a natural but still voluminous look.

Review The Fabulous – Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50

Today's 'Review The Fabulous' post is covering my favourite sunscreen for the face: 'Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50'.

Why I Love It
I have really sensitive skin which gets irritaded easily. Especially in summer when using sun blockers I can literally watch the blemishes appear. Most suncreams just feel like a sticky layer on my skin and I could jump out of my skin as I absolutely hate this feeling and the knowledge that I will look like a teenager with acne. That's the reason why I reduce the usage of sunscreen to a minimum (when directly lying in the sun). All other times I rely on the sunscreen in my foundation, which by far isn't high enough and often doesn't contain a sufficient amount of UVA-filters – and these are the ones causing wrinkles. I first got a sample of Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense in the Kiehl's store in Berlin because a friend of mine bought a lot of things and the sales lady was really friendly. I was really curious and simply hoped that this would finally be THE one. I applied it after my daily skin care routine (you know – cleanser, tonic and moisturizer) and I couldn't believe it. I couldn't even tell a difference between my face cream and the Kiehl's sunscreen. Both felt so good and right for my skin. But I was still suspicious  because everything seemed too perfect. I waited for the blemishes to appear, but nothing happend.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Juicy Sunhat

After what felt like a decade I finally made it back to the sun and for my first walk at the beach I wore a Single Dress silk top, a Juicy Couture sunhat and 7 For All Mankind jeans. I cut them into shorts myself as I didn't like the style and shape anymore. I didn't quite know how to turn the sharp edges when you cut your jeans into a "used" look. Luckily a friend of mine told me to put it into the washing machine once – and it worked!! I completed my outfit with bracelets (what else?!) and Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. If you were wondering – I didn't take a bag with me to the beach. And I survived ;). But of course, I took my mobile phone and a lip gloss (in my sister's beach bag).

Monday, 25 June 2012

My Holiday Armcandy

You probably have already noticed that I wear bracelets almost all the time and a lot of them. With this so-called armcandy you can give every outfit a special touch. So I took my current favourites with me on holiday with the purpuse to highlight my vacation wardrobe. I don't like wearing them when sunbathing or swimming though. Some of my friends keep their bracelets on when lying in the sun or going into the pool or sea. I for myself am always afraid that they might leave white marks on my perfectly tanned arms ;-).

What's your preference? Leave them on or not?

First Holiday Impressions

Hello darlings!

I want to show you some impressions of our Portugal holiday. This ones are mainly of the garden and our first breakfast.

My plans for this vacation: Eating, sunbathing and reading books. And of course a lot of blogging.

Have you planned your holiday yet?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

My Sale Pickings So Far

Hey honeys!!

It's sale season. My favourite holiday of the year ;-). Now is the time to get some really great deals. Sometimes they are so good that I buy something I don't even like that much and then it's just a waste of money. This year I will try to only focus on things I really would like to have.

And here are my pickings from the net-a-porter summer sale so far. Didn't buy that much because I am awaiting further reductions and then I will go crazy. But only on things I love.

Oh Happy Day

Happy sunday babes!!

Yesterday I spent the day with two very good friends of mine and we had such a blast. I haven't seen them for ages and it was so nice to talk about everything that has happend over the time. We even planned a little road trip together within the next month. And of course they had to shoot the pictures of yesterday's outfit. My friends made me do all this stupid things like jumping with my scarf in the hand. I felt like being a part of the 'Aquarius song' in the movie 'A 40 year old virgin'. But, I'd do anything for the blog (and my friends amusement) ;-).

I wore Adriano Goldschmied jeans, a Max Azria tank and my new Valentino bag. You probably heard this sentence already and for sure will hear it much more often: I just couldn't resist!! I checked out the bag for so long and then I saw it in the series 'Hart of Dixie' in black on Rachel Bilson and since then I couldn't get it out of my mind. Like with the shoes in this post. Then, during the week, I went to Theresa (the store of the online shop in Munich to check what's new and what's on sale. And I came into the bag department, saw and bought the bag. And now we live happily ever after.

What's the bag you always wanted to have?

Saturday, 23 June 2012

There It Is

A little preview of tomorrow's post.

Have a great evening sweethearts!!

Colourful Casual Day

Yesterday it somehow switched back from summer to spring. But I didn't mind as I could wear my Zara parka again that I like so much. The rest of my outfit was pretty simple but very colourful. I wore Lanvin ballet flats, a Tibi silk top, Adriano Goldschmied jeans and a Zara cardigan. As for my accessories I opted for a pink Chan Luu scarf, a Jewelberry bracelet in the same colour and my grey Saami Crafts ones. And to finish the look I wore the H&M dreamcatcher necklace I love so much and a purple Prada bag.

What are you up to this weekend sweeties? I'm flying to Portugal tomorrow, so you will see a tanned version of me pretty soon! Well, it may take a while as I try to use SPF 50 sunscreen as it is much healthier for the skin.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Pink Leopard

TGIF darlings!!

Hope you had a great week so far and fabulous plans for the weekend!

For yesterday's outfit I chose a grey Rebecca Taylor leopard maxi dress (bought at the net-a-porter winter sale) and Saami Crafts bracelets in the same colour. As a contrast I wore a pink Chan Luu silk and cashmere scarf and a Balenciaga bag in cyclamen. Is it still colour blocking when one piece of clothes has a pattern like my dress? Do you know that by any chance?

To finish my look I wore Jimmy Choo sandals bought last summer and my beloved Gucci Sunglasses, which I bought in the plane back from a vacation more than two years ago. I love my Choo's, but they are so uncomfortable. There is something at the front of the shoe that leaves my toes with countless blisters. They somehow cut even through band-aids, so you can imagine what these beauties do to my feet. They can be really lucky that they are so pretty (and quite expensive), otherwise I would have thrown or given them away a long time ago. I can only wear the sandals when I don't have to walk a lot. Or take for example Flip Flops with me to change when I can't bear it anymore.

Do you have shoes like this, too? Or does anyone has the same and can tell me if it was just my pair that's a fashionable instrument of torture or if all of them are?

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pink And Lace

Hello Beauties,

just a quick post of yesterday's outfit.

For the hot temperatures I wore a lace dress, Miu Miu ballet flats and as a colour splash my pink Balenciaga bag. And of course lots of bracelets.

Are you enjoying the warm weather as much as I do?


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Review The Fabulous – Chanel Patchwork Bag

Today's 'Review The Fabulous' post is about the Chanel patchwork bag in a size maxi.

The Facts
Age: 3 Month (Spring-Summer 2012 Pre-Collection)
Height: ≈  20 cm
Length: 31 cm
Width: ≈  9 cm

Let's Talk about the Fabric
The bag is made of (as the name patchwork already indicates) many different kinds of fabric like incredible soft leather, patent leather, denim and more. And the inside of the purse is out of denim and black fabric. Have you seen the sweet pink leather heart only visible when opening the purse? Isn't that unbelievable cute?!
 For the last cruise collection Chanel already released a nearly identical bag with yellow as the main colour (have a look here) instead of blue like this year. I think both are extremely pretty but I prefer mine. The dark colours look stunning in summer but also during colder seasons. Of course I wouldn't mind possessing both. Okay, to be honest, I would love to ;-).

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Summery Flowers And Patchwork

I'd say summer has finally arrived in Germany. At least I hope so. Anyway, yesterday it was so hot that for a rare occasion I chose to wear a breezy dress. But as it is with breezy dresses as soon as there was the tiniest sign of wind I literally turned into Marilyn Monroe. Not in a sexy way, but in a „skirt-above-my-head-showing-everyone-my-purple-panties“ kinda way. I was unbelievably happy (and wise) not to have chosen nude ones, as everyone would have thought I am naked. So after exposing my underwear for at least five times I went to Zara and bought some shorts to wear underneath the dress. I would suggest you to wear this one only when there is no – and I really mean NO – sign of any breeze. Or with hot pants.

To finish up the outfit I picked my Chanel patchwork bag and Lanvin ballet flats. When you take a closer look you can see, that I chose my bracelets to match the dress and the shoes in order to match the colours of my bag. So that the whole outfit wouldn't be too unsettled. I do love mixing patterns and I always hope not to overdo it, but I strongly believe that flower prints and patchwork look amazing to each other, don't you think? Just make sure that the colours match somehow.

In the last two pictures you see me funnily jumping around on golden spots on the ground. Each time you touch them they make a sound. So hopping around I made my own music (or noises for most). If you try it watch out as they are very slippery.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Romantic Rocking Hippie

Happy monday my fashionable followers!!

How was your weekend?

As I told you before the other days I didn't have time to write a lot. That will change very soon. Hopefully from tomorrow on.

This outfit was a mix of peach and pink colours and different styles. The Missoni top and the H&M dreamcatcher necklace both have a hippie touch, the Miu Miu clutch is very romantic and the jeans sweet rocking. I think the different styles look great together as they are all in similiar colours. Don't you think?


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Casual Neon

Happy sunday honeys!!

Yesterday I told you about my busy weekend. You know, less writing but more pictures.

This outfit was just a casual one brightened up with a neon top and distressed peachy jeans. A lazy look for a lazy sunday!


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Louboutin Peace And Ballet

Good morning sunshines!!

Are you enjoying your weekend so far?

For me this one will be crazy busy and I didn't have time to prepare posts in advance. But I made sure to have enough outfits to show to you during this time. So the next days you will get a lot of pictures with less writing. Hope you'll forgive me ;-).

First of all let me tell you one thing about this skirt. Never and I really mean never bend over unless you want everyone to see your panties. It might be safer to wear it during winter time with black tights. Or you just have to be very careful and maybe you could wear a tight black hot pants underneath.

As the Hermès Constance bag (belonged to my grandmother) and the skirt are black I needed a top that is in the same colour scheme as my brand new Christian Louboutin shoes so everything will sum up. The ones who are following me on Twitter and Instagram already know that I couldn't resist this beautiful Louboutins! I saw them in a different colour on Rachel Bilson and since then I couldn't get my mind off them. Could you have? But back to the top. I thought this one from Missoni would fit perfectly. Don't you think? My lovely and luckily fashionable mum gave it to me a long time ago. Maybe you can already call it a vintage piece. But probably not.

Have a great weekend!!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Cook The Fabulous – Easy Goat's Cheese Salad

The Ingredients

For 1 Portion of Salad you need:

1 Teaspoon Extra Vergine Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon White Balsamic Vinegar
1 Teaspoon White Crema de Balsamico
A Pinch of Sea Salt
1/2 Teaspoon Honey
1/2 Teaspoon Mustard
Optional: A Pinch of Piri Piri
A Slice of Goat's Cheese
Cherry Tomatoes
Romana Salad

Casual Business Outfits – Summer

My best friend recently asked me if I could give her any advice on what to wear as a casual business outfit, especially in summer. I couldn't let her down and so I put together some looks as an inspiration for her and you of course, at ShopStyle.

If you click at the single items you get forwarded to the site of the shop where you can buy it.

What do you like to wear to work when it's hot outside?

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Peach And The Army Coat

Good morning my beautiful followers!!

As the sun is a little stingy in Germany right now I had to wear a spring/autumn outfit in June. I won't complain though, because I still have hope that we won't go straight into autumn or even winter.

Maybe you have already noticed how much I love this Zara coat. It is perfect for these temperatures as it is pretty thin and mostly I just wear a top or t-shirt underneath. To add some colour I wore my peachy 1921 jeans to the army coat. I am so happy about this colourful pants trend. I just love to mix and match them with similiar, completely different or basic colours. So pretty much to everthing ;-).

To stay in the same colour scheme as the leather arms of the coat I chose to wear black Yves Saint Laurent tribtoo pumps. We were going to meet some friends in a Tapas Bar later on and I would have been way too overdressed. So after taking the pictures I exchanged the heels with black Bally ballet flats. I like wearing outfits that can be worn with high heels and flats. Often I keep a pair of pumps in my car just in case I might need them.

As for the accessories to finish the look I chose my Miu Miu bag (review here), an Hermés belt, Chan Luu bracelets and a Thomas Sabo ring.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Review The Fabulous – Miu Miu Studded Leather Shoulder Bag

It's Wednesday again and that means it is time for a new 'Review The Fabulous' post. Today I am going to talk about a Miu Miu bag of mine. I got it for my last birthday and I was over the moon with joy. I checked out the bag at net-a-porter for so long, but didn't buy it. But is it really as great as I thought it would be? Stay tuned to find out.

Miu Miu Studded Leather Shoulder Bag

The Facts

Age: 8 Month
Height: 27 cm
Length: 35 cm
Width: 12 cm
Handle Drop: 26 cm
Weight (empty): 1,8 kg
Weight (with my stuff): 2,8 kg

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Day After

A wonderful day to all my followers,

I'm still quite tired from this weekend. My friend startet her wedding marathon last Saturday by celebrating her civil wedding. The church wedding will be next Saturday and to round things up the newlyweeds will have a traditional breakfast the next morning. In Bavaria this means traditional clothes have to be worn. I actually like them a lot. For those who haven't worn dirndl (women's dress) or Lederhosen (men's pants), they look uncomfortable but are quite comfy and easy to style. I'll make sure to take a lot of pictures for you!

So after overcelebrating the wedding couple a bit on Friday, I was a little hungover on Saturday and choose to go more casual on my outfit. Starting with a pair of my favourite jeans I finished up my outfit with a wide sweater and a big scarf. I just LOVE big scarves cause they can easily be turned into a blanket. That's why a big fluffy scarf always has to be in my hand luggage when I'm travelling.

Outfit finished but not fabulous enough I decided to add a few accessories. You can basically turn every casual outfit into something special with accessories. My favourites are wrap bracelets. Even by just putting on one you have a great highlight on your wrist.

And  to make things perfect I picked out my Balenciaga bag to carry around all the stuff I always need to be close by. Being able to bring along an accessorie which is practical AND pretty….. I just love being a women.

What's your favourite accessorie for a casual Saturday? Let me know, I will have a lazy Sunday next weekend after the church wedding and the traditional breakfast, where I won't get out without drinking a few beer. ;-)

Wish you all a great and fabulous day! Oh and remember, always bring along a pair of big sunglasses when being a little hungover or tired even when the sun isn't shining, clouds can also seem pretty bright to your eyes.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Kind Of A Texas Style

Hello to all my beautiful followers,

hope your weekend was as great as mine. Starting the new week I am really excited to show you an not so conventional style. Inspired by a character of a Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel I decided to go Texas Style. Although it's not 100% Texas for German standards I think it will count as one. A proper sun hat would have been great to go with it and would have made it much more authentic but I was afraid I would overdo the look. Do you wear cowboy hats? And how would you style them to not exaggerate the look?

I was always wondering how the weather must be like to be able to wear a dress or a skirt with boots and no tights. Well, yesterday was a day perfect for this. It was a little windy so I needed the boots and the leather jacket, but it was too warm for tights. I chose to wear a lace Zara dress, a cherry red Muubaa leather jacket, a brown Louis Vuitton monogram shawl (just in case it gets colder) and Belstaff boots. The leather belt I have bought like three years ago in a massive sale (like 80% off) and never wore it until recently.

I know I am taking a little too often a Balenciaga bag with me. But for this style there was no other bag as perfect as this one. It was actually my very first Balenciaga bag. I bought it second hand from a friend of mine. And there the addiction begun.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Scarf Connection

Happy Sunday Darlings!!

Today I wanted to show you some of my favourite summer scarves (on my boyfriend's favourite art toys). As I mentioned before I never leave the house without a scarf. And ones like those in the pictures are perfect when you want to prevent yourself from getting a nasty cold because of sitting in an air-conditioned room or restaurant or because it just might get chilly at night. You can carry them around with you all the time as you can tuck them in a normal sized bag easily because they are pretty thin. When your bag is closable with a zipper you should place the scarf at them bottom of your purse. It happend to me so many times that one got caught up in the zipper. It leaves ugly holes and they are too precious and delicate to let it happen to them or any other scarf.

Are you fragile when it comes to air-conditions and wind as well? Or are you not such a sissy like me?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I Know What You Wore Last Summer

Today I am showing you for a change an outfit from last year. I want to go on vacation so badly that I have to feed from sun, beach and pool infused memories until it's holiday time for me again.

This day I wore a Rebecca Taylor silk dress, a waist belt and Jimmy Choo espadrilles. I like this look a lot, because it is a pretty simple one but with a great effect. All you need is a dress, a waist belt and shoes. And of course a bag, which I didn't take a picture with that day. In this, this, this and this post you can have a look at bags I would suggest to wear with it.

My outfit is literally out of season but I think it is still pretty en vouge for the upcoming summer, don't you think?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Bake The Fabulous - Juicy Peach Cake

Bake The Fabulous by Heidi

Juicy Peach Cake with a zingy Twist (by Heidi)

Do you know the feeling? Come Sunday and you are really in a baking kind of mood – but some ingredients are missing! What a bummer! My neighbours actually knocked on my door last Sunday and asked if they could borrow some eggs for a cake. Well, I just put my last three eggs into this one…
If you are not big on planning your bakery shopping either, this might be the perfect recipe for you. You don't need many ingredients. And those you need could just be sitting in your kitchen cupboard and your fridge.

As I rarely ever use butter in my everyday nutrition it was always the one ingredient missing for baking. Now I've made it quite a habit to buy a few packs regularly which I then store in the freezer.
I also make sure I never run out of flour, sugar or baking powder.
And don't underestimate the advantages of having a few glasses or cans of preserved fruit at home. Sweet cherries are always in my kitchen cupboard and so are peaches or pineapple. Let's get started with this juicy little number – just perfect for summer!

What you need for 1 Juicy Peach Cake with a zingy Twist

26cm cake tin + a little butter for greasing + a little flour fur dusting
(if you use a smaller tin you possibly need to extend the baking time – check with a wooden stick)
Icing sugar for dusting the cake

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Stripes, Dots And Patchwork

Hello Beauties!!

The outfit in today's post is pretty casual. I was wearing a Muubaa leather jacket, AG Adriano Goldschmied distressed jeans and a striped J. Crew tank. As a colour splash I chose my greeny cashmere scarve and yellow Chucks. As I already wore two different patterns I thought my patchwork would just complete the outfit perfectly.

I bought the bracelet in the pictures a while ago. After the Chan Luu bracelets it is one of my favourites. Isn't it beautiful?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review The Fabulous - Not A Perfume

In today's 'Review The Fabulous' post I am going to write about my favourite fragrance. So if you want to smell like me then please pay attention... Just kidding!!!!! It is quite an unusual perfume so expect the unexpected...
I said before that in the Wednesday's review posts I am going to write about fashion accessories. Well, aren't beauty products fashion accessories aswell?! So it might happen that cosmetic reviews might come up sometimes as well. You'll never know. So stay tuned.
Juliette Has A Gun – Not A Perfume

I can't remember when it happend exactly that this clean and chic looking perfume bottle replaced my usual fragrances. I was faithful to them for so many years – Yves Saint Laurent Cinéma in autumn and winter and Stella McCartney Stella in spring and summer. I still really like them and writing about them makes me kind of miss my scented companions a lot. But now there's a new small precious bottle in town.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sunday Walk

Last week we spent our sunday walking along the river. Well, at least for half an hour. For our walk I chose to wear my new Rag & Bone jeans. I haven't seen distressed ones like this before. The peach colour is so romantic but the holes give it an edgy look. And I really love this contrast. Do you, too?

For this day I decided to take my Dior bag with me, which I got for my birthday a few years ago. I chose the trenchcoat and the cardigan because they are nealry the same colour as the purse. With the scarve I wanted to add a little pink to the whole outfit and parts of it are navy blue like the coat, too. The Miu Miu flats are like the jeans. Romantic and rocking. And that's why in my opinion they are the perfect shoes to complete the outfit. And they are so comfortable. As all Miu Miu ballet flats are (at least the ones I have).

I really don't know why my hair was so frizzy that day. Tried everything but nothing worked. Hate those bad hair days. Do you have any secret weapon for a situation like this? I would love to hear about it!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Graduation Day

Happy Monday Beauties!!

Today I'm going to show you the whole outfit I wore to my boyfriend's little brother's graduation day.

For this formal occasion I chose a Mango polka dots dress (bought like three years ago) and my new Chanel bag. This bag not only gave me sleepless nights because of a bad conscience (why you can read in this post) but I also had to visit every single Chanel boutique on my last trip to Paris – and there are a lot of them. But it was sold out in every one. When I set my mind on something I hardly can let it go. And I really wanted to have a patent leather jumbo Chanel bag. So my last chance was the store in Galeries Lafayette. I saw it already in the shop window and knew by the sight of it that it was the last one. Intuition ;-). We had to queue in front of the boutique for half an hour. It was torture. I saw already someone else leaving with it. But I were really lucky and no one but I did. So that's the story.

And now back to the outfit: I took a white Zara blazer with me for the chilly nights and I wore my Christian Louboutin patent leather pumps. The last time I wore them they were so comfortable. But this day they nearly killed my feet. Hopefully the next time will be better again.

What were you wearing on your or your beloved graduation day?

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday my dear fashionistas!!

Today I have a little preview for you of the outfit I wore yesterday to my boyfriend's little brother's graduation party.

And I also want to introduce you to my new Chanel jumbo bag. Bought it like two months ago, but had such a bad conscience, because of buying another bag, that I left it in the box until now.

Do you like what you see so far? How was your weekend?

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Wild Thing

First outfit post in a while and this one was supposed to be a little "wild". Wearing the skirt with the Jimmy Choo sandals made me feel like a mixture of Pocahontas (again) and Crocodile Dundees daughter. But I chose my accessoires in order to fit the ethno style. Carrying a stuffed croco with me would have looked a tiny bit weird, don't you think? And I wouldn't have one anyways. So no worries.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Bake The Fabulous – Rhubarb Meringue Pie

So far I have only posted about amazing fashion & accessories. But I am also very passionate about food – especially all things sweet. So from time to time I will now post some of my favourite recipes and restaurant tips for you.

My sister shares my passion for food and she is actually really good at cooking and baking. I feel very honoured that she is contributing the first "Bake The Fabulous" post about her yummy Rhubarb Meringue Pie.

Rhubarb Meringue Pie, by Heidi

Hi everybody, I am Lissy's sister Heidi. I think I am easily as obsessed with buying cookbooks as Lissy is with fashion. I literally have a million different books at home – but never really get round trying all the recipes. I actually quite enjoy creating my own dishes or making changes to those in the books. And I just loooove baking.

Another thing I am obsessed with is quality of food. I always opt for organic or local produce. Of course this comes with a price tag (but so does great fashion!) and I think you can taste the difference. Nothing disgusts me more than cheap meat or eggs. You are what you eat and the environment and animals' lives should be treated with the respect they deserve. Well, enough already about my green heart, let's get started with this delicious pie…

I got this recipe a couple of years ago from my step-mother-in-law as I was absolutely smitten when I ate it for the first time. I made a few adjustments though (as I always do…)

What you need for 1 Rhubarb Meringue Pie

26cm pie tin or cake tin + a little butter
2 sheets of non-stick baking paper (1 extra if you are using a pie tin)

For the shortcrust pastry

4 medium sized egg yolks
250 g plain all-purpose flour  (sifted)
1 teaspoon baking powder
100g caster sugar
100g cold butter (chopped)

For the topping

600g -1kg fresh rhubarb (depending on how much fruit you want in your pie)
1 bag instant custard mix powder (it keeps the rhubarb juice inside the rhubarb!)
4 medium egg whites (5 or 6 if you choose to use less rhubarb or just looove meringue)
170g caster sugar
a pinch of salt

Time in the oven @ 170°C (Fan)
50 min to 1h

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