Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bobbi Brown – EXTRA Hand Cream

Hey sweeties!!

Somehow winter is coming back again and again. And unfortunately my hands are as unhappy about that as I am. So they start to crack and get really, really red when it's that cold outside. I've been trying to find a hand cream that is helping my hands condition for ages, but most are just too rich in its formula and leave an unpleasant feeling behind or not rich enough or they just burn on my sensitive skin (yes, poor me ;) ).

And then it happened!! Bobbi Brown send me their EXTRA Hand Cream and I was thrilled. It smells so good (like a tasty herbal tea) and leaves your hands perfectly smooth and protected against the cold and dry heating air. It's definitley worth a try and even a buy ;)

Retails around 33,00 € in Germany.

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