Thursday, 30 January 2014

Against The Cold

Hello sweethearts!!

How has your week been so far?

Yesterday, I went for a walk with my sister and as the temperature started out to be okay, it got freezing cold pretty fast. Like "My fingers are so numb I can't type on my mobile phone anymore" cold ;)

That day I wore something pretty casual. Just one of my favourite most comfortable jeans (Closed), a top and a simple black cashmere cardigan (also Closed). And to be prepared against the cold I picked my Woolrich parka and the fur-lined Fiorentini + Baker biker boots from this post. Best combo for a day like this.

As I am absolutely obsessed with scarves and hats (which are basically my key pieces during this season) winter is like a dream to me. And this time I chose a Warm-Me merino/cashmere beanie with Swarovski crystals and a Friendly Hunting Cashmere scarf, which I got last year during the sale 50% off (I couldn't believe my luck).

What are your favourite accessories during winter?



My Outfit:

Warm-Me Merino/Cashmere Beanie (Style Grace)
Friendly Hunting Cashmere Scarf
Woolrich Parka
Closed Jeans (Style Juli)
Closed Cashmere Cardigan
American Apparel Top
Fiorentini + Baker Fur-lined Biker Boots
Chanel Bag (also in this post)

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