Monday, 13 January 2014

Clarins – Eye Perfecting Base

Hey cuties!!
As it seems to be spring already (what month do we have? Ah right January) and Nude is a big hype again, there is one essential you absolutely have to have - An eye base. The choice is big and I know it's hard to decide, but I have the answer. Or at least one very good suggestion.

For some time now I am addicted to the Clarins Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base. The brush makes it so easy to apply and your eye shadow will enhance its colour and will stay in place even if you party real hard. I also like wearing it on its own instead of an eye shadow as it corrects the colour of your skin and gives your eye lids a nude look. I also use it as a concealer from time to time. So a real all-rounder and definitely worth a try. Retails around 23,50 € in Germany.

It really is Love The Fabulous material as my sister and I have been fans of this product for quiiite some time, try many years!

What's your must have?

A big thanks to Clarins Germany for sending me this product.

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