Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Lancôme In Love

Hello darlings!!

It has been quiiite a while since I have received this lovely package from Lancôme.

I'm sure you beauty lovers have heard about the amazing collection "Lancôme In Love", with Emma Watson as the poster girl, but for eyerone else or to refresh your memory I created this post ;)

The In Love collection probably is made for younger consumers, as the colours and textures are very soft and light. But also for everyone who wants to create a fresh, vibrant look for an every day occasion.

Personally, I love using the In Love products on a daily basis for a natural look and everytime my sister is visiting she tries to smuggle away the eye shadow and the blush from my beauty case (and she's not in her teens or twens anymore ;)). 

Some products in this post might not be available anymore, as other great ones took their place.

The long-lasting nail vanish Vernis In Love retails around 14,95 € in Germany.

The gliding and smudge proof Khôl In Love has an ultra pigmented formula and creates an irresistible effect with its creamy-smooth texture. It retails around 19,50 € in Germany.

The Baume In Love lipbalms are one of my favourites of this collection (but it's hard to put your finger on just one product). This balm leaves a comfortable and lightweight feeling on your lips as well as a soft touch of colour. And it also protects them from external environmental damage as it keeps up the moisture level of your lips. Retails around 26,95 € in Germany.

The Blush In Love shades are designed to suit every skin tone. You just have to decide what kind of effect you are aiming for. Retails around 49,- € in Germany. 

Ombre In Love is a long-lasting eye shadow with a velvety texture. I recommend using an eye base underneath as the colour gets stronger and stays in place by doing so. Retails around 27,- € in Germany.

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