Thursday, 6 February 2014

iheart Cashmere Scarf

Hello sweeties!!

In the post "Cashmere Under The Bridges" a few days ago, I wore the scarf I want to tell you about today. I got this iheart beauty a few month ago from my best friends for my 27th birthday. 27! Puh, where did the time go? ;) Back to the topic: To be honest I wasn't as thrilled by the colour as I thought it wouldn't look good on me. But it was so soft and cozy (100% cashmere) that I put my concern aside. Anyways, it lay in my closet for 2 month before I finally fell in love with it. What did bother me was that the colour combination isn't mine and I felt kicked out of my comfort zone, wearing it. Stupid, right? But I think quite a lot know that feeling. Most people wear the same colours over and over because they know, that they suit them and e.g. harmonise with their skin tone.

Anyhow I grew so fond of it that I couldn't imagine not having it!! So big kisses to my friends and especially my BFF for picking this beauty for my birthday. Love ya!! :)

What are your favourite colours and which ones do you think do not look good on you? Sweeties, I would move a out your comfort zone from time to time if I were you. It's worth it!! Learn from my experiences ;))


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