Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Lovely Blue

Hey sunshines!!

Did I tell you that I love the cold season because of cozy hats and scarves? I am absolutely mad about these accessories. But I think you knew that already ;)

For today's look I opted for a classic coat, a black cardigan, coated jeans (which I absolutely adore – also in this post) and some booties. And it's the first day I took my new Chanel Boy flap bag with me. Isn't it gorgeous? I simply couldn't resist and spent way too much money on a handbag – again. I always tell myself and my close ones that they are collecting pieces and one day will be worth a lot. I don't quite believe it myself, even if it isn't that untrue.

As for my fluffy accessories I chose a Warm-Me beanie (I love those – other style and with Swarovski crystals in this post) and a Friendly Hunting cashmere scarf (in pink leopard in this and this post).

Hope you had a great week so far!!


My Outfit:

Chanel Flap Bag Boy
Friendly Hunting Leopard Scarf
Warm-Me Beanie Herringbone
Dear Cashmere Cardigan
Closed Coated Jeans (Pedal Star) (also in this post)
Ambiente Coat
Fiorentini + Baker Boots

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