Friday, 28 February 2014

Make-up Of "Against The Cold"


A few days ago I posted the outfit "Against The Cold" and here is the "Make-up Of The Look" post to it.

It's a pretty simple one. Just some CC Cream, a transparent powder, blush and mascara. And to finish the look I put on some lip gloss. I used the Ultra Plush Lip Gloss from Benefit. It's so amazing. It has the typical Benefit fruity, powdery smell and the texture is so smooth and keeps your lips soft, which is so important during winter. I got this one from Benefit Germany (Thank you so much!! I love it!!) and not only is the texture amazing, the colour (A-lister) is perfect for me, too. But don't worry!! It's available in many different shades and retails at 17,00 € in Germany.


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