Friday, 14 February 2014

Make-up Of "What A Pinky Day"

Hey sunshines!!

Remember this post from a few days ago? Click here if not or just to refresh your memory.

For this look I used some CC cream, blush and mascara. So pretty simple. And to add a hint of colour I used the MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint in K-Wow. It's texture is very soft and creamy and has the typical MAC Cosmetics smell. PH pigments in the formula react with your body's temperature and create a unique colour on your lips. So you can share it with your girlfriends without looking the same as everyone gets a custom shade of her own. The pen-like, clickable brush applicator makes it easy to apply but somehow I manage to make a mess out of it as I am too impatient and I click and click and click and the next time I'm opening it there's a tiny mess in the cup and I have wasted precious lip gloss. So my advice for you is to click and click and then wait until the formula shows up.

It retails in Germany around 21,00 € and is available here (in other beautiful shades, too).

Thank you MAC Germany for sending me this amazing product!!

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