Monday, 17 March 2014

What To Wear In Sri Lanka

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In the travel guides about Sri Lanka there was always a part saying you have to be very careful going there as a women as you might get sexual harassed by locals. It is a different culture and the western ladies have the reputation to be very willing in the sexual department. Reading all this I got a little panicky and put a lot of effort in what clothes to bring with me. I decided for light trousers, t-shirts and tunics to cover me up in a proper yet fashionable way.

On our whole trip I never experienced any uncomfortable situation with local men. I wore proper clothes, didn't sunbath topless, didn't go to the beach during nighttime, avoided big groups of men when there were not many other people around and stayed close to my boyfriend. I can't talk for all parts of the south-west of Sri Lanka but where we were I always felt safe. We also saw many young women travelling with their girlfriends in the tourists areas. I think you don't have a problem if you behave responsible and not naive.

I bought this harem jumpsuit from Asos right before our trip and I really love it!! It is so comfy and you can create many lovely looks by wearing different tops with it. It is a good example of what to wear in Sri Lanka and it is also a great way of protecting yourself against mosquitoes as your legs are covered up.

Examples in this and this post.

Have you been to Sri Lanka and what were your experiences?! I would love to hear about it!! Share it on Facebook!!


My Outfit:

Asos Harem Jumpsuit
Zara T-Shirt
Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Large
Havaianas Sandals

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