Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Benefit Lollitint

Hello cuties!!

Benefit Cosmetics benetint, chachatint and posietint got a new friend – lollitint! The candy-orchid tint leaves a hint of colour on your lips and cheeks. The instruction says to apply three strokes on the apple of your cheeks and then quickly blend it with your fingertips. If I do it like this I can see exactly where I applied the strokes afterwards, so I prefer smudging a little on my cheek and then blend it and repeat it until I have the result I want to have. On the lips I apply a few strokes and then blend them and put on some gloss or balm afterwards. I guess everyone has to figure out their perfect way of using a tint.

Lollitint is a lovely coloured tint for spring and summer and great for a day at the beach or at the lake as you have the hint of colour without the feeling of having used any make-up at all.

Retails in Germany for around 33,00 €.

A big thank you to Benefit Germany for sending me this great tint!!

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