Thursday, 10 April 2014

Chloé Paraty Medium

Hey honeys!!

Buying a bag, especially an expensive one, can be a pain in the ass. And very often I ask myself the following questions after purchasing a beauty, when it should be the other way round.

Is the bag practical? Does it meet my needs? Will it look good when worn down a little or just like crap? Is the colour and style something I will still like next year? And so on!

I can answer the above questions with an honest yes, when talking about the Chloé Paraty bag in medium. I love the size as it is great for all day needs and also great for going out. And I adore the long strap so you can wear it around your shoulder, which makes e.g. shopping easier as your hands are free and it enables you to wear the bag in front of you when going on a city trip as you might feel the need to shield your precious bag from sneaky thieves.

Wore the bag also in this post.


Full outfit details in this post.

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