Thursday, 21 January 2016

Hofgarten By Day

Hello darlings!!

Lucky me: One of my best friends got herself a new professional camera and is eager to practice. And I am more than willing to help her out and take the role of the model. Selfless me ;)

On this beautiful, sunny day I wore my beloved Woolrich Parka (classic Munich outerwear – I just don't wear Ugg Boots and LV speedy bags ;) ).

And my red Chanel bag which you probably know from this and this ooooold posts.

To keep warm feet I chose Fiorenti + Baker fur lined boots. I just love this brand!!

Not to forget: I wore a 360 Cashmere star sweater from an older collection underneath.


Well, it's not a YSL bag. I actually don't even have one.

What I wore:

Woolrich Parka
7 For All Mankind Slim Illusion Jeans
360 Cashmere Sweater
Warm Me Swarovski Cashmere Beanie
Warm Me Cashmere Scarf Cozy XL
Chanel Bag
Fiorentini + Baker Fur Lined Boots

Friday, 15 January 2016

Instagram @love_the_fabulous

Hello sunshines!!

I am also on Instagram, where I post daily pictures of my life and the things I think might be interesting for you.

I'm always looking forward to interact with you under my pictures!

Get to my account here: @love_the_fabulous or click here.


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Jarmino Quinoa Soup

Hello sweeties!!

Hungry for healthy fast food? I know exactly what you need ;)

Recently, I tried the Jarmino Quinoa Soup and I have to say it was delicious!! I didn't have to add any salt or spices as it was perfect just the way it came out of the glass (of course after placing it in a pot to heat it).

Jarmino – smart natural food – only uses organic and regional ingredients. It's a german brand and the glasses start at 5,99 €. Available here. Perfect for taking it to work with you or when you don't feel like cooking.

Enjoy! I forgot: It's Love The Fabulous approved ;)


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

L'Occitane Aluminium Free Deo Stick Review

Hello sunshines!!

I'm always looking for a longlasting, satisfying aluminium free deodorant. Recently I bought this L'Occitane aluminium salts and alcohol free deo stick.

I prefer sticks, as I experienced them to be more effective than sprays and roll-ons (just my personal opinion).

This one is for men, but it is perfect for women, too. It smells like lemons and therefore like a warm night on the island of Capri.

It leaves a fresh and soft feeling on the skin and so far it works quite good (it's still winter, so I'll write another review during summer).

Retails around 17,00 € in Germany. Get it here.

New Morning Routine – Warm Lemon Water

Hello darlings!!

I guess everyone has their typical morning routine. The first thing I used to do in the morning was making coffee. But after I heard several times how good and healthy it is for your body to start the day with a warm glass of water to reduce the amount of liquid you lost during sleep and also to stimulate your stomach I changed this habit. Instead I drink warm water as the first thing after getting up.

For extra benefits I squeeze in half a lemon (yes, lemons are alkaline). So now the second thing in the morning is making coffee. I still don't want to miss out on my daily café latte.

By the way: I read all about the benefits of warm lemon water in the Hemsley + Hemsley cookbook. That's were my wisdom is from.

I would love to hear about your morning routine on Instagram: @love_the_fabulous

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